There anyona that make working vst connect?

Himj bought the vst connect pro likee 3 years ago and never never can make it, work i wrote people from steinberg and never reply me i paid allmost 200 euros for nothing ,please if there ate somebody in the forum that knows how to make it work wiil be great ,i have some works now that if the system will work will help me a lot,anybody that can enter in my computer and see what is the problem ,maybe is my router or maybe the system doesnt work

I hope somebody will can help me

Ok, just let us know what works and what does not, and what systems you are using.
Try empty project, VST Cloud/Create VST Connect first.
Also you may want to check

thanks a lot for your reply,i need to recording some music from bands for another city i think i can have muktichannels recording? well the thing is that as i said in my post i have this like 4 years ago and never can make work¡king but now i am triying to make it work cos i gonna make a record with a very big spanish artist and will be on tv like a diary of a musician during a quarentine and i need this working i have to collaborate in real time with more musicians
so i need multichannel system
i have the latest cubase version with and i have two computers masc i7 with 16 gigs or mcmimi i 5 8 gigs i made the connections of the link but now the problem is that i im logins but it looks like is nit connected cos i check with another person with the same versions and he can see me but i can’t see him
i don’t know if you need more in formation

sorry in the iMac i have the high sierra and in the Mac mini the mojave

You can record multiple tracks (channels) with the PRO version of VST Connect.
In realtime, always only a stereo mix is sent from (and to) the Performer. However with the PRO version, up to 16 channels are beeing recorded on the Performer computer which can be imported into Cubase/Nuendo tracks in full resolution afterwards.
“he can see me but i can’t see him” - does his camera appear in the settings/Performer tab? A camera must be selected there (you can also select it remotely from the Studio side).

ok thanks
for multiple tracks i have to setting the app diferrent?

The PRO version allows to add channels and select in the RECORDING section which to record and the mix of the stereo feed, fx etc. In settings/manager you can see and retreive HD recordings. Pls read the manual.

thanks, now is working but i have a lot of latency i have last version but i have like 1 second or more

do not engage track monitor. pls read

no is working perfec,i know that we have some probles because we dont read very good manuals but is not a easy setting but when you undrstamd the way its work, is simple
but now i have a problem with the hd files, i think have to be a issue cos there are may people with the same problemm, everytime that i try to get local files always the same
There were errors processing local HD files. Some HD files may be missing or corrupt.
there are any wat to solve this?

pls do not ask the same question in multiple threads, it only keeps us from improving.