There has to be a better way to import FXP

I picked up my copy of Halion 4 last night and instead of enjoying it I have spent hours, upon hours upon hours using its lame import system to bring over all my FXP from Halion 3. What a joke. It is so painstakingly slow, caused Cubase to crash on me more than a few times in the process and my wrists are numb to no end, unfortunately I am no where near finished either. :angry:

I have tried to drag and drop my FXP from Windows explorer right into the Mediabay of Halion 4. This works however I am forever greeted with a dreaded cannot find samples dialog each time I try and go back and load one of the imported patches. I can tell Halion 4 500,000 times where the samples are and it will still ask me over and over and over. The only way to get Halion 4 to not request the samples location is to drag each FXP into the left hand side slots, right click and choose save program as. This will import the FXP into the Mediabay without requesting the samples location later. Great, except doing it this way for literally thousands of FXP is a chore and a half.

Really Steinberg? Could you not throw a bone to your users and have it just a little quicker and more user friendly to import their sounds from YOUR previous version of the software we are buying and using? One should not have so much trouble getting compatibility between both versions.

There must be a quicker, easier, more efficent and of course intelligent way to quickly get ALL our FXP ported over WITHOUT sample request dialog boxes upon each loading of these imported patches where I don’t have to waste days at a time to get things done.

I use Translator Pro for my conversions,and they work very well,once translated.I agree not have to use 3rd party software would’ve been pretty nice.

You can convert Halion 3 into Halion 4 with Translator Pro? Are we on the same page here?

Se more about this issue here:

Thanks for this, I have already read it, in fact had contributed to that very thread. Reading it through again, it seems we are still using cheap workarounds, time wasting methods and simply variations to what I am already doing. There is no true way to import quickly and accurately it seems. All current methods take too much time, involve fiddling back in Halion 3 before hand which we shouldn’t have to do, as well as risk the very high odds of Halion 4 not being able to find the samples in the future when you go to load a saved patch. What is really annoying is Halion 3 at least had the option to do a massive search, outside of a particular directory until it found said sample and would then remember its location. Halion 4 has no such option and one must dictate exactly which directory contains the needed sample or it will not load. If you have multiple directories, containing sub directories and are hundreds of samples in, how is one to remember exactly which directory to point Halion 4 to? It will not do a global search. Even if you show Halion 4 where the imported sample it is it will forget it like a goldfish 2 seconds later if you try and reload it. All very frustrating and time wasting TBH.

Hi Cantankerous.

I agree, it should have been made easy to convert presets from HALion 3 to HALion 4, from the start.

Well hopefully it gets sorted soon. I am going to stop the conversion for the time being as there are too many random cannot find sample issues creeping up for me to be going back and doing it all again. I hope a future update will be released and soon which will streamline this whole process and be problem free. I will gladly start the process back up, then burn a blu ray of all the work for the future.

Thanks again for your continued support in this thread.

Never used Halion 3, but Translator Pro has not let me down when converting fxp’s… eg: I’ve converted a ton of .nki’s into fxps and loaded them within H4 non issues. hope this helps