There is a small space left after deleting a rest at the end of a line

I’m trying to write some music without a time signature. If I delete the last note and try to delete the rest, it seems that Dorico leaves a small space.
Deleting rests.dorico (388.2 KB)
As you can see in the image, the final gap is bigger than the one in the second system.

Is there any way to remove completely the first gap?

Thank you!

I’m not in front of a computer just now, but my guess is you’ve used Edit > Remove Rests. This doesn’t delete the time itself, as would be obvious if your example had multiple instruments or staves playing simultaneously; it just removes the rest, leaving a hole!

Undo Edit > Remove Rests (which you can do by selecting the last visible note and turning off its Ends Voice property, in the bottom panel). Then go Write > Trim flow.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know one could divide or trim the flow.