There is no input/output on a Specific project.

Hello. Cubase 6.5.3 user.

I’ve been working on score to a short film for a time now.
When I opened the project today, there was no input (and obv output).

No reaction to MIDI input, when I just play a .wav no bars are dancing (toolbar or mixer).

Some tests

  1. If I launch Cubase, and before even opening a project - I open a VST plugin with a built in keyboard, everything works fine.

  2. Opening a new project and trying the keyboard - things still work.

  3. Opening the problematic project shuts off input/output.

  4. If I close it (only the project itself, not Cubase), and open a new project, still there is no input/output.

  5. After having done so, going to VST connections, and creating a new stereo input bus revives the sound.

  6. Trying to apply the last results on the project, and before closing it, creating a new stereo input bus (or output, doesn’t matter) does nothing.

  7. I saved the project with a different name, cleared it off any plugins but one that was opened after the problem was discovered and deleted all channels but one simple audio one. The problem presists.

I have to re-open Cubase itself for things to settle.

Pictures of my settings


Please help me. I can’t find a solution and this is a very important project.