There is no transpose option on keyboard and pads

Why there is no transpose option on the keyboard for when we play live
This option is very useful for live play.

…and live record with keyboard touch or midi controller .

And super useful to those of us that are not keyboard wizards!


Thanks for the suggestion.

Please let us have a more detailed description what you’d epext from the feature (to be added to our list of feature requests afterwards).


Hi lars
I mean that we have buttons or key scales option for transposition keyboard touch on cubasis ,that we can hear and play or record simultaneously transposed nots ,because some of the midi controllers dont have transpose option.
I mean somewhat Like synth&dr pad app of yamaha that it has transpose option.
I know that we can synck this app with cubasis but i need that doing this work whit cubasis without different apps
There is this option on CUBASE on midi modifier

This option ( transpose on keyboard ) is very usefull for pads chord too.that doing quickly transpose chords on the pads