There must be a simple solution

Hey, So basically i’ve just made a simple mistake.
Example, If you want to reverse an audio file, you right click and go to “process” etc…
And if you got more copys of the same file, for example a snare sample there is usually a box that pops up and says and lets you choose to just process that file only… And I have pressed “Don’t show this message again”…
So where do I get it back?

Hope I made myself understood.


Good old “Trash Preferences” may work here … but has an unfortunate “side-effect” of removing all you personal settings.

Look in preferences, under Editing -> Audio
There’s an option called “On processing shared clips” which can be set to “open dialogue”, “assume new versions”, or “assume skipping”. Maybe that’s it?

( And deleting all your preferences should be a last resort, not the first thing to try! :confused: )

Yes it is…

YES, thank you.
It was driving me fucking crazy. :smiley: