There´s something weird with my track *SOLVED*

SOLVED! Clicked the track --> Audio --> Dissolve Part


I was about to edit a guitar track, when I noticed it looks a bit strange. It seems like there is two tracks stacked up on each other. When I click the track named Gitar (D)_14 it appears as Guitar (D)_12 in the editor. When I try to delete it it all dissappears. I have no idea hoow this happened, and how to fix this.

Anyone seen this before?

Those are called Lanes. If you click the button on the Track that looks like a sideways ladder you can see them. If you record audio multiple times on the same Track by default it saves each take on its own lane. Mostly it is used to build comp parts, but it has a bunch of uses.

Working with Lanes is more complicated than can be described here, please take a look at it in the Ops Manual. There is one section named something like ‘building a perfect take’ you should read.

I haven´t used “lanes” when recorded. There´s only this one track.

check your recording mode. it might be 2 tracks on top of each other. You will find out by marking the clip and dragging it to a different place on your screen. That way both clips should be revealed if there are 2 tracks on the same track.

That would still show each take on a separate Lane.

Anyway it is a bit hard to see but it looks like you have two Audio Events that have been combined into a single Audio Part. Select the Part and use Audio/Dissolve Part to separate them back into Audio Events on Lanes.

I see this when I glue audio parts together!
If you want to revert the parts then do as Raino says above.
Personally, once I’ve glued everything, I like to bounce to entire audio track, which sorts out any potential issues!!

Good luck,

Jim B

Thanks, Raino! It was the “Dissolve Part” that did the trick!