'THere were errors processing local HD files. Some HD files may be missing or corrupt.'

I have been trying to use VST Connect Pro for several weeks now. I’m not having much luck!

Once I’ve done a recording, if I choose ‘Get HD Files’, the transfer slows down and eventually says it was lost. That could be due to my collaborators internet speed, but shouldn’t be. Anyway, I have been try to use ‘Get Local HD Files’. This is what I do:

The performer end folder is transferred to me. This has been done by various methods (Dropbox, Teams, FTP).

I point the ‘Get Local HD Files’ button at the folder. It gives me the error in the title. screenshots attached.

Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone know how to fix it, or what is causing it?

Are you missing any files at all? That message may appear for takes that you don’t actually use anymore.