Can somebody recommend settings to create a theremin sound? The interface is intimidating, the manual isn’t a lot of help, the tutorials don’t seem to point in that direction, and none of the presets sound close.

You could try starting a mono sine wave. You can load the init preset, and change a few params (see below for pic – the highlighted ones are the ones to set at minimum)

Since a theremin has only two controls, pitch and volume, it’s a simple instrument, the real challenge is to understand how to play it so it sounds realistic.

There are others here on the forum with much more Synth patch building experience than I who might propose some refinements, or playing techniques- but the fun is in the process! (for me anyway)

Have fun!

Or if you are just looking for the sound and not the joy of building the sound take a look at this. I’ve used it a bunch and it’s inexpensive & sounds great. Does need full Kontakt though.

I’ve tried. I’ve followed what you said. I can’t find out how to make vibrato.

On Youtube there’s a video for something called Harmless that shows simple theremin settings: square wave, reduce high frequencies, add vibrato and it sounds fine. But I can’t find these settings for the vastly more complicated Retrologue. I’d try Padshop but I can’t get it to make a sound, for some reason.

I don’t see why it has to be so complicated.

Thanks for whatever you’re able to offer.

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