There's no way to 'Create Tracks from Versions' that retains Track Version names

There is no way to do this that I can find. There is only ‘Create Lanes from Versions’ which then you could use ‘Create Tracks from Lanes’ but, there is no naming convention or communication in the software which would add the name of the TrackVersion as an addendum onto the original track name.

Example of how it - should - work:
Original Track name: Bass
-TrackVer1: OriginalTake
-Trackver2: LessGood
-Trackver3: Good
-Trackver4: MoreGood
-Trackver5: Best

‘…Create Tracks from TrackVersions’…

Bass - OriginalTake
Bass - LessGood
Bass - Good
Bass - MoreGood
Bass - Best.

I’m still on 10.0.6, maybe this was added in 10.5?

I’m having this problem too in 10.0.6.

Yes it would be a good feature, hopefully it gets added. It’s annoying to not have this option.


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