these nasty pauses

Can’t get away the pause in the bass system. When I select the f sharp on the third beat and try to turn the turn the switch saying “begins voice” this does not work.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-11 um 21.32.24.png

Have you tried selecting the last note in voice 1 in the previous bar, (which we can’t see), and switching that to ‘ends voice’ ? That might be the solution.

Yes I have, but it does not solve the problem.

Perhaps the rest is an explicit rest. Try selecting it and pressing Delete. Then set the voice properties on the notes as before.

Do select the rest and hit Delete, as setting the ‘Starts voice’ and ‘Ends voice’ properties won’t work properly unless the rest is an implicit one, but try selecting the purple/blue note that follows the rest and setting the ‘Starts voice’ property on that.

Here is the file. I am talking about the rests in bars 7,14 and 21.
Anakreons Grab (390 KB)

Daniel. Thanks for answering. Ill try it soon. But please explain to me: What is an implicit and what an explicit rest? Couldnt find that in the literature…

Most of the rests in a Dorico score don’t exist as actual “things”. They are just “gaps between notes” which Dorico fills up with the correct notation symbols. These are “implicit” rests and you can hide them with Start / End Voice.

On the other hand if you want to move a rest vertically, or notate a series of rests in a different way from what the Engraving Rules say, you create an “explicit” rest which can’t be hidden.

Unfortunately, in the current released version, you can’t tell the difference between implicit and explicit rests just by looking at the score, though you can tell which is which if you select a rest and look at the Properties panel. This situation will probably improve in a future release.

I had a similar problem with second voices that only appeared in occasional bars. ‘Starts voice’ worked for the first occurrence, but not for subsequent appearances - Dorico simply wouldn’t let me select the switch. I found that setting ‘Ends voice’ on the last note of each occurrence, allows ‘Starts voice’ to be used on the next occurrence - allowing the rests to disappear. In the attached screenshot, ending voice 2 on the last note of bar 3 allows the D in bar 6 to be set to ‘Starts voice’, etc.

Not sure if this is intended behaviour or documented.

That is as I would expect, Chris. We’re planning to introduce a simple “Remove Rests” command that will do away with any explicit rests that might be lurking around and also set the ‘Starts voice’/‘Ends voice’ properties appropriately so that you don’t need to worry about this stuff.

Thanks Daniel that sounds good. I do really like the way Dorico handles voices, much easier to use once you get the hang of it than its rivals.