These YouTube feature videos

Seriously folks… who thought these videos with the garbage text-to-speech “voiceovers” were a good way to represent the company and product?

Hell, the last one I saw about the ‘Netflix Loudness Meter’, the very first sentence is cut off at the beginning and picks up in the middle of a word! And beyond the dubious pronunciations, the quality of the audio its self isn’t even that good.

I mean there’s probably at least a dozen people on this forum with decent enough voices who would have done them for free. I’m embarrassed for Steinberg hearing these things.

Wow, I was hoping you just had a bad connection or something. But you’re right. That was awful!

Yes… awful is the word!

Even if Nuendo is Not the ‘flagship product’ by Steinberg, Cubase Elements has better, much better videos than those Nuendo videos in my opinion.

Adding to the topic: If someone is trying to find online tutorial videos for Nuendo 11, they will probably find out that even paid options are not available. I can understand why so many people still choose Pro Tools over Nunedo even when Pro Tools costs like three times more than Nuendo. For a beginner to learn, Pro Tools has an almost countless number of videos.

Again, In my opinion, it is an awful decision by Steinberg to do such things. Even I could do better videos than that. Probably I will.

H i I a m c h r I s a n d I a g r e e t h a t t h e s e n e w v o I c e o v e r s a r e
T h e p I t s.


For the beginner the videos from Cubase could be used…

I did think it was very strange for a product geared towards post-production to use text-to-speech. I just assumed the editor didn’t feel confident enough with their english… ?

Probably, but not for the Nuendo exclusive features. The videos in question are mostly Nuendo exclusive here.

It is terrible indeed. Bad idea.

While I don’t think the text to speech is as bad as everyone is making it out to be, it’s definitely a preference thing. I can see where it might be off-putting to some. That said, with everything that’s going on these days, no one should be losing sleep over this.

As to the lack of training videos, I’m in full agreement. I’ve been on Nuendo now for a year, and had to purchase several Cubase videos to get my footing. These were all music based (which is fine for getting concepts down), and as I far as I can tell, there is nothing out there for Post.

Its a shame really. As pointed out, you can search “Pro Tools post production” on YouTube and get a wealth of tutorial videos.


Thank you for the feedback.
In the light of AI technology that made it into Nuendo for the first time with v11, we’ve been
sort of “enthusiastic” in trying new ways for the creation of the videos as well, by using such machine learning-based voice technologies. I have to admit, that it doesn’t entirely work out and I fully respect and agree with your comments. We’re going to re-create a couple of these videos with conventional voice over in order to make it better understandable. It seems we have been too enthusiastic in trying
something different here, something that isn’t working entirely well, yet.
Thank you again for your comments.

On a different note: we’re working on a new concept for Nuendo training material at the moment.
Our goal is to release the first part of some comprehensive Nuendo Training Guide still in 2021.

Also, there will be new, specific tutorial videos available very soon providing a starting point
for users coming from other DAWs.

All the best,


That is VERY great to hear!
Nuendo need a lot more content out there of “real” usecases.

There a re lot of Pros that use it on real projects - this needs to show. :slight_smile:


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