They don't half make it hard sometimes to make music


Yep every menu blank. Despair…


Sometimes one half make hard provide details to cause help.


Seriously, more details are needed to provide help for your situation.

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They don’t half mate it hard sometimes, to help people with tech issues.

You know, like the ones that just post a screen shot without any supporting info.

  • What OS?
  • Which GPU?
  • Which application?
  • Uninstalled-Reinstalled?
  • Fresh install?
  • Happened previously? (Or just started).
  • How to reproduce?
  • Program installed in default locations?
  • Licensing?
  • Dongle?


You may indeed take my opening line as a kind of joke. But you do indeed make it hard for anyone to help, unless you provide information like in the questions above.


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A quick search with the “blank menu” keywords is enough to find multiple topics and solutions.
The issue appears when :

  1. Graphical drivers aren’t up to date,
  2. Using multiple GPU/drivers from different manufacturers at the same time (for example AMD + Nvidia),
  3. Using an old CPU which integrated graphics are no longer supported by newer OS,
  4. Using old versions of Cubase that are no longer compatible with newer OS.

Thanks for the concern / replies. I think the smiley face was a bit lost on everyone, if it was a massive / consistant issue, (as a programmer) I would have posted a full bug report.

It’s a new build PC, everything is up to date. I’d just put in a new piece of hardware and It was just one of those Cubase anomolies.

I shut Cubase down / booted it back up and all was good with the world.

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