THEY FIXED IT! Thank you Steinberg!

In Cubase 10.5 in Edit > Preferences > Transport you can turn off the “cycle” feature in the ruler AND opt to click anywhere in track view to place the cursor (instead of SHIFT+ ALT+ Click).

Good one.

Really.? I’d seen that first one you mention (turning off ‘Cycle’ in the ruler) but hadn’'t noticed that second one… (its a new Preference setting, yes.?) And, to be clear, you’re not just clicking in ‘empty space’ to locate the cursor…? Would be amazing if so… :slight_smile:

(Not at my machine tonight, so will have to check tomorrow)

Puma - yes, click in empty space!

Ah.! Ok thanks - that ‘clicking in empty space’ preference (no modifier) has been around for a while; clicking on an Event/Part (with modifier) was new when brought in at v9.5 I think. :wink:

Anyhow, all good…!

this is truly amazing. The biggest annoyance in the history of Cubase gone.

Yeah but it still doesn’t Snap when clicked in empty space. I posted that about 6 months ago. :angry: :neutral_face: