Thick barline at end of line

This is a piano score. I am using mensurstrich style barlines. I need a single thick barline at the end of a line in this instance. but Dorico does not let it cross the staves, whereas it happily does so elsewhere.


How can I get that thick barline to join the staves?

And I only want it for specific cases, not all ends of systems, which I know is an option.

Have you tried making a Bracket and Barline change in Engrave mode?

Well this dolt has read the manual and I don’t understand how to do it. Worse, the custom single thick barlines I had instead of braces at the start of each system have reverted to thin. A mess.

I’m on a Mac, so the key-presses will be different but the concept is the same.

First, undo all that, or close without saving.


In Write mode, on the system where you want the final barline to be thick, click the final barline and choose Thick in the Bars and Barlines section of the right panel.

In Engrave mode, click the top staff then cmd-click on the bottom staff (probably ctrl-click in Windows), then click on Change Barline Joins (the bottom rightmost icon under Bracketing). If all goes well, the thick barline at the end of the system should now join the two staves.

To change following systems back to not connected, make another Change Barline Joins on the system to be changed back, but the two clicks need to be on the same staff, not one on each.

To remove an unwanted barline join at the end of a system,select it and press Delete.