Things I wish... for Cubase 12 Pro

So, I was mixing and bouncing stems.

And, I have noticed this for a while, that
‘Side-chain’ source giver* track does not get connected(?) so,
let’s say, I side-chained Pad with Kick,
If I wanna render or bounce Pad with the ‘side-chain’ effect on,

I should make the send ‘pre-fader’ and then volume all the way down the kick,
then ‘solo’ both tracks, and render ‘or’ bounce.

Am I doing something wrong with the setting, if this is the way it is…
I really wish there could be a better way(?) or upgrade for,

sorting out, ‘sends’ connection and sorting out side-chain sources :slight_smile:
That would be really handy! :slight_smile:

Also, if I disable and re-enable the track, the source of the side-chain goes missing… hehe…

Maybe I am not aware of the better setting…?

The way I do this is set up a ghost channel with only the sidechain as output (so no sound from the channel). Now alt+click on the solo button to enable solo defeat. This means the track will always be playing when other tracks are in solo.
Because this ghost track triggers the sidechain your sidechain will always be working.
The second issue is driving me crazy too tbh. Not only when enabling a track again, but also when copying plugins sidechain inputs dissappear. Really annoying…

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