Things that have changed (for the worse?) in N5.5 :-(

Hey there,

I’m new to 5.5 and am sure I have to get used to the new GUI (I really loved the white waveforms in N4 :frowning: ) and other things, new placement of buttons etc.
There are a few things though that seem to have changed in the small details vs N4, and I would like to hear your opinions on these - maybe they are only bugging me, maybe not?

  1. Cannot copy from locked tracks by alt+ctrl+dragging (see this post : Cannot copy from locked track - Nuendo - Steinberg Forums )
    This is (was?) my usual workflow going from my locked OMF tracks to my working tracks. No longer works (I’m pretty sure it used to, or I am just used to the ProTools way too much :-\ )

  2. When “Track selection follows event selection” is enabled, the track focus sometimes jumps to the track with the selected event, even if I have manually selected another track. Mostly happens when touching automation parameters and Nuendo notices “hey, you’re not on the track the event is on!”. I’ve ended up automating wrong send levels or EQ due to this behavior. Didn’t this stick to the manually selected track in N4? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “manual override” that holds the current selection until I select another even?

  3. REVerence automation - the “recall” parameter is so different from how Roomworks used to work, there is another thread on this.

    What do you guys think? OK for you? Not experiencing this behaviour? Do you have any workarounds?
    If you feel the same I think this should be passed on to development, as it does cause one to trip up during production now and again…

Cheers for any opinions!

My work around: make a copy of all OMF tracks, stick it in a folder, lock it and disable it. Use the other copy to pull from and if you ever worry you messed something up, check the safety copy.

Hate this, I set up a hot key for “edit-select none”. sort of like a manual override

Recall button sucks. We have been begging for this to be removed since it’s inception.
Makes tweeking and punch your verbs difficult. It’s one of those things that make you think the designers don’t actually do post. I did not use roomworks all that much but I use reverence a lot. If you can plan your reverb needs during the edit phase you’ll have a much easier time. Naturally, this will be a huge disaster if you have to re-conform but here goes.

On a typical film I’ll use 9 Reverences, 2 for each stem and 1 floating send that I buss where needed via Direct routing. They all do basically the same thing so I’ll describe my verb on my dial stem.

  1. Make 2 marker tracks called verb1 and verb2

  2. bounce through the film and use cycle markers to mark where reverb changes will be needed, alternating btw verb1 and 2. I don’t mean shot by shot, I mean like scene1 is a house, scene 2 is in car…etc etc… give yourself plenty of head and tail room, no need to cut it tight. Be sure to name your cycle markers for what they are, it will come in handy later.

  3. Open up the lanes on the verb FX channels so that REVerence preset number and Recall preset are both visable

4.Locate your first cycle marker on verb1

  1. On FX channel verb1, manually add ON and OFF automation to the recall preset lane. ON at the marker start, OFF a few frames later.

  2. Copy this automation and paste it to the head of every marker on Verb1 and Verb2

  3. Select all your ON/OFF automation for the entire film and nudge it to the right several frames. You want to ensure that RECALL is only triggered AFTER a new IR is selected

  4. Now go through and map out your verb switching by selecting the cycle marker, Locators to Selection, and using automation to print your planned preset number TO LOOP for each cycle marker. The preset numbers represent the boxes on the REVerence gui

  5. When the IR matrix is automating correctly, now you can load up the cue’s with IR’s of your choice and mess around with settings cause you KNOW that at such and such time code, IR#5 will be active… don’t have to think about it as much.

  6. select all of your cycle markers and nudge the start and end points inward till they no longer contain the automation points you have written. The goal with this step is to be able to tweek the parameters to taste while in preview with out rolling over the Recall automation. With out this step, everytime the program loops around again, you’ll lose your tweeks.

Annoyed yet?

When your first 2 verb matrix and recalls are automated, you can copy that down to all your other verb pairs for other stems.

After all this prep, you can roll through a scene and tweak verb settings, punch in and move on.

I’m angry just writing this… WTF SB? What is the intended purpose of the recall button?

Track selection behavior: I’m struggeling with this every day. Approvements like mentioned by you would be great!

REVerence automation: It’s a great reverb tool, but it’s just not designed for postpro mixing. It’s an example for bringing cubase-music-tools into nuendo without thinking about any improvements for media-post. This manual recall-editing is really annoying, but there are workarounds. The issue which made me kicking out REVerence from my default session, is, that jumping directly into a filmscene is not possible, since you always have to pass this recall nodes in play mode, which mostly will be a few seconds in front of the scene. Otherwise the programm will not switch. This really cannot be accepted in a mixing session.


I don’t understand why they can easily fix the 100% mix lock with an update but we’re stuck with the recall button.


I have just noticed two other things:

  • dragging a file from the audio pool onto the timeline no longer shows length of clip before releasing mouse button? Have you noticed this too?

  • pressing “insert” when marker window is open no longer goes into “naming” mode - how do you insert and name markers on the fly now? Might have missed the new method of doing this.

You can set “insert” to do this still. open your key commands and search for “insert and name” you’ll see options for marker and cycle markers

Cheers for that!!

I went back to v5. I cannot get on with 5.5… really hoping for an update soon that reverses some of the UI “improvements”, that actually made my life a lot more difficult.