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I am working on another massive reduced opera orchestration project on my Mac desktop. and am really enjoying advanced working in Dorico. I have found the solutions to many things, but there are still one or two things that I am not getting right, so I wanted to ask advice:

How can I write sec and sempre rit. in the relevant popovers? and how do I write tutta forza; it always defaults to sfz. Is there an override that I am missing?

Is it possible to use Shift P to write into multiple parts? (When I wish to change the strings to arco, for example)

Can I put a grace note before the bar-line in one part and after the bar-line in another?

And the most vexing one for me: working in galley mode, I often want to write general dynamics
.for everyone who is playing. Most of the time Dorico writes the dynamic into every part, including doubling instruments and players who don’t have anything to play at that moment, but sometimes Dorico just writes them into the parts with notes, and I cannot work out why, and how to get the program to do the latter.

Thanks again for the incredible help we get on this forum, and thank you to Daniel and the team for the great Ipad version.

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I don’t understand the term sec except as a playing technique, which is not defined in Dorico. So you’d have to create your own (Engrave-> Playing techniques)

Sempre rit… Change abbreviation property…

tutta forza…adjust properties as…

No. There are numerous threads here on grace note positioning.

I don’t understand your problem with dynamics. Can you be more specific - How are you trying to write ‘General Dynamics’?

Thanks for the advice. It’s a french opera, and the marking *sec * appears occasionally.
Dynamics question:
I highlight the beginning of a bar in all instruments
Type Shift D
Write f
Press enter
f is then written in all staves, including the doubling instruments, and also in parts which do not have notes in them. How can I get Dorico to write the f only in the instruments that are playing, and not into empty measures.

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Try this. Once you’ve made your selection, edit->filter (deselect only)-> Rests. Then apply the dynamic.

Sec is secco, litteraly “dry”: sharp attack, no sustain. So yes it’s should be a playing technique, but if it’s not link to any samples, you can very well enter it as a text indication. In a French score, it would normally appear in italic under the passage.

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