Things that slow me down..

Getting properly to grips with Dorico now, but a couple of things catch me out… so a few ideas.

Could the time signature popover have the signature of the moment rather than always ‘3/4’? It gives me a start to keep seeing 3/4 when I know I’m in something else. Or else something like ?/? instead that doesn’t have meaning?

Is there a way, after creating (say) 100 bars, of getting them quickly to (say) 4 bars a system. I’m very good at the maths, so can jump to page 5 and start inputing at bar 3 knowing exactly where I am.

Dorico’s most annoying feature: If I have the sound up for feedback on note entry I only want to hear it when I input the note. Not when I click ‘tie’, ‘accent’, ‘grace note’, ‘not length’ and then the actual note. I need a chain in my mind of the actual piece, not multiples of each note. This is a major slowdown for me - I’m four or five times quicker with the sound down.

Thanks for the feedback. You should find that you hear the note echoed back to you less often in the 1.0.20 update, though possibly one or two of the specific edits you have outlined may still cause the note to be sounded. It’s a work in progress.