Things to do to deal with an audio track sticking briefly when recording electric guitar

I’m just doing my first recordings on a new laptop in Cubase Elements 10.5. The laptop has a Ryzen 7 4700u and 16gb Ram.
I’ve been cycle recording a guitar on one track playing along with a backing track on another track.
Occasionally on a cycle the recording falters and sticks very briefly. I’m using a Steinberg UR 22 mk11. I have the buffer set at 256 to keep the latency low with an insert effect. While recording I’m off line, Norton is paused as is one drive.
I’m using one preset from amp rack called Jazz Clean. I’ve been able to record what I need but would like to make it work smoothly, more consistently.
Are there any simple tips or a link to a similar discussion ?

Your laptop is powered and running in high performance mode ?

I’m not sure how would I check?

Thanks I will try that