Thinking of an SSD Drive..Read this

My SSD’s have been installed about 15 months now and I always thought they were a significant improvement in performance all around. I just saw this article on Toms Hardware. You may find it enlightening,3469.html

very interesting , ive just moved my whole system over to SSD as I feel safe enough that they are not just going to crash and burn .
I got a ocz 128 vortex 3 as the system drive on 6gb sata and a Samsung 840pro 265gb on 6gb with split partitions for my projects and samples and I can fairly say the speed of this thing is incredible ,projects load so fast ,dragging and dropping samples in to wavelab is instantaneous ,it’s incredible ,certainly the best move ive made for a long while :wink:


That’s exactly what I did 3 weeks ago: installed a Samsung 840 Pro 256GB on a SATA 3GB system. Noticed Amazon raised the price on the Samsung $30 when that Tom’s article came out.

I hate when that happens!