Thinking of buying an AXR4U but worried by lack of support and updates

Hi. I’m a Cubase 11/Nuendo user and I recently replaced my ageing MR816x with a UAD Apollo x4. It’s a good interface and works well over TB3 with a Ryzen Win 10 PC but I miss the integration with Cubase the Steinberg interface had and also I like the input options on the AXR4U so I’m thinking of getting rid of the Apollo and buying an AXR4U. Reading the posts here though about niggling problems and looking at the lack of updates for this interface I’m worried that I’ll be buying an expensive piece of hardware with little support and potentially something that will be abandoned for a newer model. When you compare the support RME interfaces get it’s quite shocking especially considering the price. I’m sure I can’t be the only person thinking this. What do people think? Is it a mistake to buy one of these at this point? Thanks. Rob

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There is very little support for this product and it does feel like there is a strong possibility that it will be abandoned.

It is a good product and integrates nicely with Steinberg software but very expensive for one that has such poor support.


Thaks for the reply. I do think it’s telling that there haven’t been any other replys. I’m guessing there will be an update at some point which will hopefully fix the main problems but products really do need proper support, it isn’t just features that justify an investment. I’m going to hold out on my purchase for now.

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To be completely honest I was like you and I held off, and then my existing interface died so my hand was forced to get something. Im a big fan of Dom Sigalas and Chris Selim and they had great things to say about the unit. So I bit the bullet and got the AXR4U. To say Ive been blown away by it is an understatement. The unit combined with Cubase 11 has been rock solid.

Yes the fact the isnt much happening on the update front could be concerning but it could also be a case of it just works. ( this is just my opinion and my experience, others may have had a different one).

Anyway good luck on the interface journey…often a long one :joy:

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