Thinking of Buying Cubasis....


I have been using ios apps for a long time on my iphone and a little bit on my girlfriends ipad, but i am finally getting my own ipad to play on.

I use logic pro on my desktop mac for professional use and i want to have a good DAW on my ipad for traveling around.

Seeing as Apple do not seem to want to do the obvious and create a iOS version on Logic, Cusbasis seems to be the next best thing for me.

Now i will be using it for electronic music production with the occasional guitar of vocal recording. But mostly in the box synths and samples.

I already have Beatmaker 2 but I do not like it that much. So I would like some help deciding if its worth spending £35 on Cusbasis…


Maybe a combination of nanostudio, cubasis and audiobus will be the best solution.


Yeah nanostudio is great. But it just needs audio tracks to be useful for me.

I don’t want to be jumping between DAW’s it’s just counter productive.

There is no reason why there can’t just be one DAW that starting to think I’m better off getting a MacBook Pro off ebay for same price as an ipad.

If you can wait till Sept 6 Cubasis is going on sale. Cubasis is definitely a must have.

Well that’s interesting news…I have Cubasis almost since its beginnings and have a great time using it. While 95% of the recording I do is audio tracks on Cubase, it has been doing a great job in midi for me and I for one Never got involved in midi even when I was actively playing. Imports I have done into Cubase are surprising me in a good way and while I am no professional recording engineer, I am a player who had relied heavily on only audio tracks. The only interface was the human player behind the instrument.

In combination, I am assembling some very nice tracks which should mix into a good collection of “songs”…Cubasis is a very nice tool

Hi even I’ll wait for september 6th. But meanwhile can anyone tell me if I can load simple cubase 6.5 projects in Cubasis which doesn’t have any effects, only halion sonic and some wave events? Did anyone try this?


there is no simple solution at the moment like it is available to transfer from Cubase to Cubasis. You have to transfer your files and settings by hand.

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Yes, I understand that. What I wanted to know is vice versa. If any simple Cubase 6 projects can be loaded in cubasis? If I created a project in cubasis and loaded it in Cubase 6.5, then if I added some more wave tracks and saved, then if want to load it in cubasis, how to do?


sorry, there was a Typo in my post (I corrected that). I wanted to say that there is currently no simple solution to transfer from Cubase to Cubasis. In your case, the files would have to be transfered separately from Cubase to Cubasis. We know that this is not convenient.

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Okay, so somehow it is possible. But can I know how to transfer separately? Something I like exporting track archive? Or I must export individual tracks from same start and end points and import them in cubasis?

The only way is to export individual tracks and import it one by one to Cubasis.

Cubasis also supports midi files by the way so you can import your midi data and then work with iOS synths.

I use different software to start the track it can be Cubase, Reason, Maschine or Logic. To continue working in Cubasis sometimes I just mixdown (all tracks together) and continue adding instruments in Cubasis (with Audiobus and other ipad apps). It is pretty easy and fast.

Are the cubasis 70 instruments exist in Halion sonic in PC as well?


yes, there is an equivalent on both parts. Thus, Cubasis has a Banjo and Halion Sonic also has one :slight_smile:

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there is no simple solution at the moment like it is available to transfer from Cubase to Cubasis. You have to transfer your files and settings by hand.

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Pls can u explain , by Hand , i dt own an I pad , but read some where that it supports Micro SD cards , so if this is true , u can just copy the audio files n read n save them in the Cubase PC ?? pls correct me , if my info is wrong thanks sm

Hi samwax,
No the iPads don’t have any SD card nor micro SD card slots. And you cannot transfer anything from external source except with iTunes from your computer or WiFi server apps. That’s the main cons of iPads, however I guess it’s the reason for its stability and security.

Thanks Anilnc , thats too bad , there is also n issue with itunes , transferring Data , got to zip it or something i read , sorry just one more , how come some software , like Auria !!! , claim to record 48 tracks , when the max internal RAM inside an Ipad is 64 GB ?? n lastly if u Use one , pls can u tell me , if using a multi touch Synth app, let u get midi out to cubase 6.5 ??? thru Wifi … n are the multi touch screens on them pressure sensitive as well ?? enabling CC mesg to them , as well as sending out the midi data , thanks sm

iPad has maximum 1GB not 64GB. And if it is 64GB obviously it should be better or equivalent to PC. the iPad 64GB means the internal storage capacity. the minimum capacity with ipad comes from 16GB till 128GB. But the RAM and cpu are all same depending on which iPad. iPad mini and iPad 2 has 512MB of RAM while iPad 4 has 1GB.

I don’t have Auria, but must try this with Cubasis yet. I tried with Sampletank and I could use Cubase to send MIDI data to my iPad mini and set the sampletank channel same as in PC. But Cubase didn’t receive midi from Sampletank. But I read and heard it is possible. You need to install rtpmidi program which is free and available in the link below for PC to recognise your device in same wifi.

There are plenty of midi controller apps for cubase to receive midi data to control and to play instruments in Cubase via your controller app in cubase. Best example for Cubase is IC Pro. I use this and it is awesome. But it only controls mixer, key commands, locaters etc and not notes or pads to play intruments.

Another best app for controller is V-Control Pro, which is a bit pricy but they provide a V-Window where your plugin or any open window will be mirrored. For example if you had Halion Sonic opened in your PC, you can open it in V-Control Pro app as well and edit parameters like knobs etc. There is also a free version of V-Control FREE which doesn’t have V-Window options.


It seems you are already following the ipad control and cubase post. You should probably post your query there maybe someone else could help better.