Thinking of upgrade to Pro 10 from Artist 6.5, but lost my USB dongle


I bought Cubase Artist 6.5 for a long time ago but haven’t used it in many years. Today I received an offer to upgrade to Pro 10 for a 40% discount and
I am thinking of doing that. The problem is that I have lost my old USB e licensing dongle that came with Artist 6.5.

IMy understanding is that I can buy a new dongle and transfer my old license to the new dongle using the zero downtime method (The old dongle is registered at Steinberg). My question is this. Do I first transfer the new recovered artist 6.5 license to the new dongle and Install Cubase Artist 6.5 and then do the upgrade or will it be enough to just install the pro 10 and install the license directly on the new USB dongle?

A step by step instruction on how I can do this upgrade would be greatly appreciated.



if your old dongle is registered in your account, you can proceed with Zero Downtime:
(make sure to check your spam/junk folder)

You’ll need to activate the recovered license on the dongle first, then upgrade it to Pro 10.
You don’t need to install Artist 6.5 - just make sure to download the Cubase Pro 10 full installer (you can use the Download Assistant for that:

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Thank you very much for the explanation.

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I upgraded from Artist 10 to Pro 10 - help needed
I have very little understanding of computers and have no idea what to do next?

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sorry, I missed that - is it correct that you solved the issue via support?

In case of an upgrade from Artist 10 to Pro 10, it is only necessary to upgrade the license: the installer for Artist and Pro is the same, as soon as one activates the upgrade, the application will open as Pro.

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Happy New Year!!
Most times when I try key commands the message above appears and the command is not carried out.
I checked and found that my last upgrade ha errors. I have now re-upgraded and still the error is there.
I tried to sort in windows - ease of access but don’t know actually what I’m looking for.