Third-party library elicenser protection

Steinberg’s has quite a few libraries for Halion that are protected by the elicenser (Halion symphonic orchestra for example). Is there a way for us developers to get the same type of protection? How can we go about getting soft elicenser protection since that seems to be the minimal requirement for all versions of Halion? Piracy is definitely a concern.


I’m quoting my answer to a similar question a few months ago:
Re: Halion Copy protection

If you are referring to mechanisms requiring a license to use your library (as NI provides it for “Kontakt Player Libraries”), Matthias mentioned that VSTSound archives can be protected with an eLicenser license code. But that feature is ment for commercial library developers, who got a license agreement with Steinberg.
For reference, here’s the link to the topic in the German forums: > Re: Schutz von eigenen Samples

So, you should get in touch with Steinberg, if you wish to add eLicenser protection to your commercial libraries.

Regarding how to get in touch correctly, maybe someone from SB might chime in. Otherwise I would try the instructions on the developer page
3rd Party Developer and send an email with your request to the info mailbox.