Third party plugin issues with Cubase 6

Is there a list of potential issues/compatibility problems between Cubase 6 and third party plugins? I’m upgrading from Cubase 5 on XP to Cubase 6 on 64-bit Windows 7. I’m anticipating that some older plugins may have problems.

My key plugins revolve around NI Komplete 7, Maschine, Line 6 POD Farm 2, Amplitube 3, Ozone, various PSP plugins and a host of older stuff. And what about products like HALion 3 and Groove Agent 3?

Just looking for a heads up on any issues before I dive in on Friday.

Amplitude works fine. There is a 64 bit version in your user area.
Psp plugins are also working fine. Some of these have been upgraded to 64 bit. Vintage warmer as have 42 & 84.
I have only had problems with Dimension Pro which I currently cannot get to work - even with J Bridge.
I was initially confused with the 2 Program Files paths. But the computer sorted automatically.
u-he’s Zebra 2 I hab to locate the 64 bit path manually as I had to replace the 32 bit dll with the 64 bit version.
I have even got Native Instruments B4 2 working.
Hope that helps.


I’ve been happily ignorant of Windows 7 issues as I’ve been living in the relative calm and tranquility of a stable Windows XP platform. I’m surprised more hasn’t been done by the major manufacturers with regards 64-bit Windows 7 support. I see there are issues with Groove Agent 3 – I guess I could lose it.

Having used M-Audio PCI cards for years (great sound quality and rock solid drivers) I see they’ve not even bothered to upgrade them to PCIe. I quite like the look of the new NI Komplete 6 audio interface, although I’m concerned USB 2 wouldn’t as good as PCIe.

Looks like I’m going to have fun … :smiley:

Do not fret about GA3 as jBridge will make it good as new, recording midi to host. I even have Broomstick bass running under JBridge in CueBase 6 and it runs better than under XP 32 bit. I only run 64 bit now so that is saying something. Broomstick is a 1.0 job and acts worse than that, so if I can get that to run, just about anything has a chance!



Where do I get JBridge from exactly and how does it work? [Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question].

You can get jBridge and find out a lot more here:

You can also find a ton of testimoney on it by searching steinberg forum using a term “jBridge”.

It is a 3rd party bridge and words far better than Steinys… still do not understand why they don’t scrap thiers and inpliment jBridge… but oh well. When you migrate I would serously consider going 64 bit. You might as well make the big plung if you are going to do it. This little tool will solve most if not all your ills!

Take care,


I’ll get a copy … should be starting my new build tomorrow so as Arnie said “I’ll be back …”