Third Party User Interfaces-Zone Tab!

Hello peeps!

Can somebody tell me why do third party developers use this interfaces that hide like 90% of Halions ability? I guess that wouldn’t be so bad, but some of them completely black out the Zone Tab. Why can’t the macro interface automatically take a shape that will go into the Zone tab so you’re not looking into a big black screen when you choose those sounds?

Maybe have it where it’s gonna make you stare at a big black screen…the interface jumps to the Macro Tab by default?

I dunno. But I really do wish something was different about this. This and the constant crashing on Mac on Logic M1. Like a LOT of crashes and problems.

Amadeus e.d.p.


Going forward, can we just have some general interface guidelines? Some of them are so large you have to accommodate the whole program just to see the Macro. Switch to a different sound…lots of empty black space.

Maybe have an ALT view for those who like making custom interfaces that LOOKS like the Zone Tab, but has all the special things going on with scripting. I think I answered my question. It must be to hide the scripting because of the custom interfaces?

Not throwing shade, just wish we had a better way.

Amadeus e.d.p.


Preset Enhancement
What about having a A B C Config for each preset? Like each one is a different setting instantly selectable and switchable. You could also morph between A B C to for cool effects. You could Modulate between them as well. That would be sweet. Give it a cool interface and call it Halion Morph Zone.

Load to New Layer Fader
I use this so much it’s not even funny. It being broke in 7 sucks, but how about when it gets fixed-there is a fader so you can turn the sound down BEFORE you have to load and commit to it and go into your mixer. Maybe you just want some soft strings. It’s impossible to do this without having to go all the way. A mixer on this window would be AMAZING.

**Ratings System Overhall
Being able to see only say 5 Star sounds would be cool. How about a control click to only show what you want? How about being able to select ranges. Also, could we PLEASE have a Favorites or something that differentness a sound as special? Maybe have a 6 star? I don’t know, but some work here would be amazing! Again, not ranting…just thinking of ways to make my Favorite Synth by Miles Better!

Amadeus e.d.p.