Third party VSTs

Hi Daniel:

Congratulations first of all!! Looks very promising …

Quick question about the integration with third party VST plugins: as you know this is quite complex in Sibelius, with soundsets and everything.

How is this going to work in Dorico, is it going to be “plug and play”, or will users need to create an interface like the Sibelius sound sets to have Dorico ‘talk’ to the VST?

And a bit further down the road, will there be an ability to “tweak” midi notes (adding cc control messages, tweaking the exact length, maybe add audio automation, etc., things you can do in a regular sequencing program like Cubase / Logic / Reaper, etc.)? Steinberg being the inventor of the VST, and with the Cubase team in Hamburg, you have quite a bit of know how and manpower to tap into … would be very exciting to say the least.

Thanks and cheers!!


This is indeed a complex area, and since playback is only in its earliest stages at the moment, it’s not really possible to go into great detail about this at this stage.

However, the intention is certainly that you will be able to use third party VST instruments and effects with Dorico. You will have direct control over which device, channel, patch (and other things like controller, keyswitch, etc.) should be used to play each playing technique played by each voice of each instrument, and that might mean that they are all played by the same device, all of them played by different devices, or anything in between.

The idea behind the MIDI editor in Play mode is to allow basic graphical MIDI editing; the intention is not to replace Cubase, but instead to give users who are savvy about how to bring virtual instrument playback to life the tools to do at least some of that work in Dorico, rather than forcing them to move to the sequencer or DAW right away.

As playback becomes more developed over the summer months, we will be able to provide more information.

Very cool and exciting Daniel — good luck with everything.

Looking forward to the library integration discussions.