This drives me CRAZY!!

Not sure if anyone else hates this but here goes…

I like to use the divide track list feature to put my marker track and ruler tracks in so no matter where I scroll to in the lower track list I can still see my markers and ruler track. What a handy CONCEPT

HOWEVER… when you try to close up the empty space under the tracks in the upper list to just under that last track, it creates a scroll bar area. So, when you try to drag a marker to reposition it, suddenly the marker track dissapears and you have to scroll up again to see it. The only remedy is to leave a HUGE blank area below the last track. It’s like the size of 2 tracks zoomed to 2 lanes width. Come on guys! Has no one else complained about this waste of precious screen space? This seems like it should be an easy fix.

Anyone… Bueller???

Yes, I get this too. It’s not as big as 2 tracks (although that depends on your track height obviously), but I was also a bit surprised by this behaviour.

Mods? Are there any plans to fix this in an update?

I’ve always missed that. In fact, I’d love to see a “utility section” in which you would have marker-, tempo- and signature tracks, the overview, additional rulers, etc. with the ability to hide different items as well as the whole section. And while I’m at it, PLEASE invent a metronome track with the ability to automate things like count base, individual volumes for control room channels and mutes.

+1. I’ve endured this problem too…

Is there any plan to fix this in a future update???

I don’t know if it’s any good to you but if needed I will create another ruler track wherever I need it.
Should be simple enough to fix by tomorrow though. :mrgreen: Come on Steinberg!

Thanks old boy, but it’s really the marker track I’m having an issue with. Dragging the markers to a new position makes the window scroll down and the markers disappear. You can leave a huge space below it, but then lose precious screen space.