This eLicenser number has already been registered by ...

Hi, i have upgraded cubase elements 8 to artist 8.5 with summer sale . I have bought usb elicenser from local distirbitor. i havent got enough time to upgrade to artist in summer time, was too busy. anyway yesterday i have tried to upgrade it , plug the usb elicenser, drag and drop elements license in to usb elicenser and start registration. soft elicencer accepted but usb elicenser gave me this message.
“This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.”
anyone could help?

An USB-eLicenser as itself just need to registered for just only one time. did you bought it used or new? how much money did it cost? you don´t need, and by the way you don´t be able to register it anywhen afterward twice( since it is not deregisterd at the MySteinberg-Account of the previosus owner). this is just for to get the eLicenser back in the case, it gets damaged or stolen. in this case the previous owner did forget to unregister the eLicenser out of it´s account. so it could may make some problems, if the eLicenser gets damaged or stolen, but the worth of it, is only the license(s) on it. in your case now, i guess, you´ve bought it as an (already) used Cubase-license, which is on the eLicenser and the an USB-eLicenser, itself. if you´ve don´t bought it as an used version, than it´s weird.

I have bought it from local Distribitor Called Compel from Turkey. It is brand new USB elicenser as i blieve. The box was sealed. But i will call distribitor tomorrow. BTW i’m using artist 8.5 atm but in my account no product listed.

but it doesn´t has to be an issue of the distributor. maybe it was also so delivered and the facturer made a mistake or even there´s a issue of the transfer with the Steinberg-server.

Well i’m trying to figure out what is the problem. Maybe same thing happen before and they can lead me to right way. I’m going to send a ticket to steinberg too.

If the USB key was really new, it would have not been registered.

Are you saying you are not able to use Cubase Artist 8.5? Is it possible you created another account for that key?

No im saying im able to use cubase artist 8.5. But when I start cubase artist 8.5 it is saying register your product. When I start registering there is two line number for registering USB elicenser and soft elicenser. USB Elicenser giving me this message and I can’t complete registering.

Well, the good news is that you activated the product.

Did you visit

Are you able to log in?

Yes, I can log there. But I can see there only soft elicenser nothing else. Not even cubase elements 8.

And you are certain that you did not create another account for the USB key?

If that’s somehow not the case, tech support has a procedure to transfer ownership of that account USB key to you. So starting a ticket (as you’ve already done?) is the thing to do.

I have another account too, but I checked there as well. Not registered there too.

I have the same problem. Bought CB7 and then i have uppgraded all the time when a new version was released (not 9.5)
I have cubase running now but felt i wanted install halion sonoc se. Right now halion couldent find any sound at all so i uninstalled it. Now i wanted to download cubase again so i could install only halion…but…This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.
What to do???