This, for the video implementation gurus...

Hi all,

I’ve been using Cubase for several years but I never attempted to do something with the video implementation of it, so consider my questions as newbie ones… I read the chapter 40 of the manual and, well, it’s quite frustrating.

Here is what I want to achieve : I have a set of about 250 pictures in jpeg format that I took nearby home, each of them has a size of about 2 Mb. I want to generate a kind of presentation in a video format with a music piece embedded, a composition that I already did in Cubase which is about 19 minutes long and is saved as a project.

It seems that you can’t import jpg image files and place them freely on a time ruler, generating a video with them (this could be a feature request), or maybe I missed something. So, I’ll have to do this with a software tool. From which my first question :

  1. Does anyone know a tool that can import several image files and let the user place them freely on a time ruler and in the end, export the whole as a Cubase compatible video format file ?

After this, I’ll have to import the video file in my project, hoping that I did well in the first stage (images sequencing, time between each of them…). Maybe there are better things than Cubase for embedding music in a video file, but I know myself : I’ll probably want to make adjustments, mainly volume, but also EQ, instruments balance or other things like that.

Once all done, Here is my second question :

  1. How do you export the wanted file, which is a video file with my composition embedded ? Didn’t even find this in the manual…

Thanks for any enlightment or better suggestions.

Yes, because Cubase is an “music production” software, not video

There is that beast they call google, who seems to know everything (so they say)…

Because again, Cubase is a music production software, not video. You export the audio and use a video editor to render the final video. Or you might have luck with “replace audio in video file” - you´ll have to try

OK, so what is the aim of the whole video implementation in Cubase ? :confused:

And about Google, or anything similar, I will find all kinds of more or less usable tools that I’ll have to install one after another, with the risk of crippling my system. I was just hoping advices about a reliable tool that could fulfill my needs…

EDIT : manual, page 511 : there is a whole section titled as “Preparing a video project in Cubase”…

EDIT 2 : Indeed the ‘Replacing the audio in a video file’ seems to be the solution, at least, in theory. i’ll have to try this. Thanks for thr tip… I was expecting a kind of export dialog window, actually.

You can import video and score your music to it withput having to sync to a third party application or hardware.
Also stated in the manual:

Hi cubic13

I was faced with this exact situation myself some weeks ago.

What I found I needed was a ‘slideshow maker’ (for windows btw) type of software. Thus, turned up a freebie from Socusoft (its called Photo-to-Video converter). There you can lay out your photos in a timeline fashion, re-arrange them, decide on transitions, length of display of each, pan+zoom effects etc…

We quickly found we needed to move on and shell out for their ‘Pro’ version mind (about £40), to get the better editing access (type of pan+zoom, duration, processing of photos and more) and crucially to get extra final output format options.

The other benefit of this piece of software is that you get to add ‘background music’ of your choosing. So, our workflow was to do a quick MP3 (doesn’t have to be, it’ll import WAVs as well) of our piece of music we needed the visuals for, add that to the project in the Socusoft app where you then have the ability to globally add or subtract length (seconds of time) to your ‘slideshow’ to fit the span of music bed.

Once you have the length right and visuals set, export the slideshow as a *.MOV file (at the resolution of choice - though, beware there are preset limits on this…!). If you need further tweaking of the audio, you could import back into Cubase, do your stuff and then go on through the process of ‘replace audio in a video file’ thing, which you’ve found in the manual.

The final output could be burned onto a DVD of course (which is what we ended up doing - but, not part of the Socusoft app…!)

Hope that helps…!


Hi, Bob

It might help a lot indeed. AFAICS, this is exactly what I was looking for.

I just downloaded it and will test it as soon as I can. Will report back here about the results.

Thanks again ! :slight_smile:

Or you just use Windows Movie Maker. Simple but very effective, and possibly already in your Win7 install.

I thought about it, but I can’t find it in my setup. I remember that, under XP, it was an option shown in the accessories folder. As I have an OEM version of Windows 7, I am wondering if it is still available.

I see it’s now part of a free download for Win7; “Windows Live”.