This forum giving me errors

It is making me think violent thoughts. I keep getting this BS

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All I want to know is if Steinberg messed up cubase again by doing away with the ability to save mixer settings to a VMX file ala page 208 in the manual. If it’s still possible it would be really appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of how to do it because it doesn’t appear to be in any of the menus I found in MixConsole and it’s making me rage at the developers.

I had the above question much better typed out but as you can see I am also having problems with this forum giving me nonsense errors so I can’t go into the detail I wanted to get my answer.

It’s in the function menu…which is the downwards pointing arrow at far right of MC toolbar.

I think they mislaid it in the initial release of 7 but it’s been available again since 7.02.

This menu you mean? Very top right hand corner of the mix console window?

Because if that is the one they are referencing then I see no “save selected channels” as referenced on page 208 of the user manual.

So I’m guessing the developers broke it again?

I just thought to see if this issue is in version 7 and it is not. Therefore it’s a bug that has resurrected itself. Thanks Obama. :laughing:

Therefore it’s a bug that has resurrected itself

You logic is impeccable…however instead of keeping it a secret, you could tell us what version you are actually talking about and we can see if you might be mistaken in your assumption :wink:

7.5.2 OSX 10.7.5

It would appear on further research that virtual instrument channels can’t be saved this way in 7.5.2 but can in the older version of 7.

This of course isn’t much help to me, but if it helps anyone else then yay.

FWIW I’ve been using cubase since version 1. I prefer the old way of saving the mixer and am kind of bummed they made it so much more of a pain to do.

You beat me to it…yes you’re right, other tracks types can be saved but they knuffed up intrument tracks.

I think I see what your issue might be…there is indeed a bug in that instrument tracks aren’t working with save/load selected channels.
The save selected options are still there if you select audio tracks.

Oh no, not another American who thinks that Obama is to blame for everything. :unamused:

I bet it’s meant ironically.

Yes having same issue with add instrument track, load selected channel seems to only be there for add rack instrument. Oh well here we go again, will adjust the way I work till it’s fixed