This has annoyed me for years (drum note length)

But maybe I’ve missed something obvious.
In the MIDI editor if using a third party MIDI groove like SD the notes are tiny on the screen no matter how much I zoom in whereas stuff I’ve programmed myself are a reasonable size.
Any answers to this issue?

It looks like you’ve got your default note length set to a 16th note, which will then be the length of notes you enter manually.

Note length generally doesn’t matter for drums and percussion instruments because the note is triggered and lasts for however long the sample being triggered lasts, without being affected by where the note off sits. Thus, a super-brief MIDI note is just as effective as a longer one (at least as long as the longer ones don’t overlap and somehow result in a later one cutting off an earlier one).

Am I guessing correctly “SD” is “Superior Drummer”? I’ve never paid attention to the note lengths in clips I’ve dragged from SD3 to Cubase (or to Cakewalk/SONAR when I was using that), because I usually use the SD3 groove editor directly and only drag the parts from the SD3 song view to Cubase when I’ve got things as I want them there and need to put them in Cubase so I can freeze the track (otherwise Cubase doesn’t see anything to freeze – or maybe only SONAR had that issue?), to render a MIDI file as part of my project archival, or when I want to use the SD3 grooves as quantization grooves in Cubase. There are some nice facilities there for tweaking in musical ways that, for my tastes, are more convenient than doing it in Cubase’s Key Editor.

That said, if you are wanting to edit the grooves in Cubase, and the short note lengths are an issue for grabbing them and/or editing at a reasonable resolution, probably the best workaround would be to select all the notes in the clip then use a MIDI logical editor script to increase the note lengths by whatever amount gets them to your liking. Just make sure there are no notes where length really does matter in your selection.

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I believe the notes outputted by SD are only 1 tick in length, as shown with the first image, and that would explain why they are always the same length regardless of the zoom level.

The second image shows the manual notes input in 1/16 length.

The issue comes from SD, and not Cubase.
If SD is designed to send 1 tick notes, then Cubase will display what it receives.

You can simply select all notes and change their length.
Unfortunately it seems like it is not possible to do that in real time with the Input Transformer.

Thanks chaps. If I select all notes and drag to the right to enlarge, nothing happens but If I drag to the left they get bigger but then they have a different start time of course. It’s infuriating.

Try grabbing the right right :wink:

instead of trying to grab the right pixel you can enter the length in the bar above, or grab one of the values and drag it. You even can mouse wheel for precision, i find it rather comfortable to adjust lengths this way.


When entering values you can single click one of the four digits and just change that, or double click and enter a new time code for the whole thing starting from left, for example 0.1 results in giving you notes that are a beat long.
When you hit enter, the first note will have the value you entered and all following notes with different lengths are adjusted by the same amount. If you want to set different lengths all to the same value, press ctrl+enter.

Friede, yep that seems to be the easiest route to d this, thanks.
Louis, what do you mean the right, right?

Also if you open the Part in the Drum Editor instead of the Key Editor the Notes will show up as diamonds regardless of their length.


If it’s for drums then why not use the drum editor. I use sd3 and never use anything but the drum editor.

For what it’s worth, List editor is yet another option for easily changing note lengths.

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I use the MIDI editor mainly because If I double click a part that’s what comes up.
Is there a way to set the double click so that the drum editor come4s up only on certain tracks and is set that way?

If you select a drum map in the inspector for your drum instrument or midi track, double click will always open the drum editor. I’m pretty sure there are already specific drum maps for SD out there, or the vendor maybe provides some. But even without, just selecting a GM map for drums is enough.

Ah, thanks fese, that’ll simplify things, cheers!

I use SD3 and it gives me ‘normal’ note lengths if i drag grooves across. Wonder why it’s different for some?

Are they toontrack grooves you’re using? Nothing odd in the MIDI prefs? here’s mine for comparison:

ski, I just checked those settings and they are the same.
After searching for the MIDI fill I think it’s the Groove Monkee stuff, the SD MIDI appears to be normal size so maybe it’s an anomaly with the GMonkee tracks. Sorry if I gave you the wrong steer, it was a track I did a while back and I presumed it was the Toontrack MIDI.

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Yes, having a drum map always works.

Also in preferences, you can chose which editor to open when double-clicking.

Regarding EZX and SDX drum maps, they are all available when doing a search except for the most recent releases.