this is a heads up on whitelist before update

make a copy of your custom whitelist before you install, when you update it erases all and and installs Dorico whitelist

I just discovered that, as well. The new default whitelist is shorter, as well. It doesn’t include the Kontakt 5 or the Kontakt 8 8out list, only the Kontakt 5 16out.
Conversely, if you’ve made changes to the default key commands (preferences), Dorico won’t update these and you’ll be missing some key command functionality, like the new System/Frame Break commands or the ones using Tab and Shift-Tab for selecting barlines.

i though of this before i installed , i did my whitelist copy saved alot of work

The VST2whitelist file (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico\VSTAudioEngine\Components\VST2whitelist.txt) was not overwritten during the Dorico 1.0.10 update on this Win 7 Pro installation.

I agree. I was able to choose the Aria player and assign a new sound to line already entered even after updating.

on mac OS it does replace the whitelist so for mac users be careful