This is how I fix rhythm guitars with too much distortion

Hi all!

We’ve all been there: the client sent you something to mix, and the rhythm guitars have way too much distortion/overdrive, they’re just a non-stop block that never dips down.

By using an FX Modulator with a filter module(see picture below), we can simulate a less gainy guitar tone. Set the filter type to low pass 6dB/octave, dial in some smooth (usually 4% is enough), and trigger the curve with a short note on a MIDI track. So write 1 MIDI note under every chord strike. This trick works really well on long-sustaining chords.

You can also add another FX Modulator and a Volume module, to simulate a little bit volume drop, too. Just remember to add another MIDI trigger track (just copy the filter MIDI track and send it to the volume FX modulator).

Hope this helps!


This is not a “new trick”.
Basically, with the volume module, it’s a low-pass-gate (LPG) from west coast synthesis. I find that an LPG is the most natural way to simulate acoustic decay.
A stand-alone LPG plugin is very hard to find, therefore, I present this trick.

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