This is not a BUG, It’s a feature…


This is ultimately not a bug, but rather a poorly designed feature. This is due to the addition of the QC Button. There is a minimum space needed so that all buttons can be seen. So any plugins whose window size does not match this space will necessarily display differently from the original design.

In summary, the control buttons simply need a minimum space to display correctly at the expense of the original size and this whether it is activated or not. Very poor design.

According to the image below, Mono Delay has the minimum space required. Bitchrusher is at the limit of the required space, it can be noticed on the right side where there is a small part of the unoccupied window. For SoftClipper the original window is definitely too small.

Engineer: isn’t there the word genius implied in this word? …

I fail to see the real problem here. Yep, some plugins will have some extra space around them. That is pretty much unavoidable, afaik there is no minimum pixel size for a VST plugin (or is there?). Sure, for the softclipper plugin Steinberg could have redesigned it so it fits the size, but you can’t do that with 3rd-party plugins (and I have plugins that are way narrower than softclipper).
So what do you propose as a solution? Wrap all the QC-controls around, in multiple lines? Not pretty, either, and not usable. Make the QC controls an extra popup-window? Perhaps, but then you have another window floating around.
I can perfectly live with the extra border. A much bigger problem is imho that in 2022 none of the cubase plugins are really scalable. Not a problem with the simple effect plugins, but Halion or Grooveagent are nigh impossible to use on modern display due to teeny tiny fonts and buttons…

You are probably right. In reality, there is probably no problem. For me, it’s just a little annoying. I’m just noticing the visual change in the Cubase environment and I don’t have a solution for this situation and I don’t believe it’s up to me to find one.

Whether the buttons are located on the right, left, top or bottom of the window, there will always be plugins whose windows will be too small. Unless Steinberg adds a mandatory design criterion for plugin designers by requiring a minimum display size.

My question is what is the use of this feature? There is already in the Inspector window the Quick Controls tab which is easily accessible and assignable to the controller of our choice. Do I need to have a graphical representation of these buttons associated with my controllers in the plugin window. For my part, all I need is an ease of assigning controls, once assigned it just needs to work well, no waste of time.

But you know, I actually thought it was a bug, but it’s not. It’s a feature…

It is actually a feature :slight_smile: these are the so called focus quick controls, and they are more flexible than the old channel QC, which were always kinda limited. They work together with the new MIDI remote system, so if you have a MIDI controller with eight knobs, you can control any plugin that has the current window focus without configuring track QC first. You just need to map the focus controls to your desired plugin parameters.

I understand very well the usefulness of this feature. However, could it have been thought out and presented differently, without changing the visual aspect of the plugins too much. Some plugins on their own are works of art from a visual point of view, which makes them very pleasant to use.

If Steinberg wants to spoil the look of the plugins with the addition of buttons and potentiometers of all kinds, we might as well settle for the Generic Editor. Don’t spend money on plugin graphics. Personally, I find the design of this feature very disappointing and even disturbing. It has nothing to do with its usefulness, it’s only visual; that’s why I say it’s a bad design.

But what’s going on with the Native Instruments plugins? They open up with way more border than required to accommodate the Quick Control knobs.


Sincerely, I do not know. The only thing I suspect is that the spacing needed to display the buttons related to this Feature seems to be the cause of the not very elegant new display of some plugins. But Steinberg is completely silent on this subject and does not seem to make it a priority. The question of aesthetics does not seem to be part of their concern either.

So, we might as well get used to the idea that from now on we’ll have to live with this inconsistent ugliness, at least for some plugins…