This is why I use 3 different versions of Cubase

Hey Steinberg (U reading this?)

I thought i’d share a bit of my current workflow setup and problems with you.
I’ve been using Cubase for around 20 years now and don’t use anything else.

My main thing is scoring, which takes about 90% of my time… the rest is for producing radio, which isn’t very technical demanding, so all good here.

I was very excited about the 10.5 release because we can export video directly from the project without having to use another program to merge… however, even though i bought 10.5 on the day of release i don’t use it much.

This is how I use the different versions when i work with films:

Cubase 10 is my main version. It’s solid and hardly ever crashes, so this is where i do almost all my work and where i produce and write.
Cubase 10.5 is where i go through the different cues with feedback (small changes only) from the director and export cues with video for them to see.
Cubase 8.5 is where i merge the full films/episodes with video (somehow this is the last version that had that function).

So… I’m obviously hoping that i wouldn’t have to use 3 different versions in the future. Cubase 10.5 crashes and freezes way to often for me to use. And the video export needs a setting to downscale the video quality… the files are often a lot larger after cubase export than before i start work and uploading a 100gb version for feedback isn’t really an option.

So… hoping for bug fixes to make 10.5 work as solid as 10 and with an extra option in video export (even maybe a “replace audio in video” function again).

Other than that, i love Cubase and can’t see any reason to ever change. Thank you for the great work Steinberg.
Thomas Schulz

If you have them, send in some crash logs/dumps to examine; or descriptions of what you were doing prior to the freeze… what plugs/instruments were involved.? What sample rate/bit depth you working at.? Is it one project, one audio file or any…? Old projects from v10.0.x or brand new.?

In the meantime, while we wait for enhancements to the video engine, you should d/load and install the ER Toolkit applet from here:-

You’ll find you can open mixes within it, from Cubase’s Audio Export dialog window, straight after Export… It will then merge video (your choice of size resolution/codec etc…) with that new Cubase mix. Read the manual for more…


Thanks for the link :wink:


Thanks for the link too!