This just in ... supervision phase tools

Awwwrite … it’s Nuendo but that’s the same in Cubase so …
It’s a YouTube overview video about the phase tools in Supervision.
I wouldn’t mind a more in depth description or tutorial video(s) on how to interpret the boinging color beams and what tools to use to correct something if what you see and hear is not what you want.

Lower end of the spectrum should be green mainly on the busiest part of track. Take a look at the commercial releases, many of them to get grips how much “red” on what part of the song is generally acceptable. Once you get grip on that you really don´t use it that much, it will be heard and recognized in your system.

Now what to do about it? This is a longer topic that might include nudging conflicting audio files against each other, flipping phase buttons, highpass filtering only on stereo information, moving one side of the stereo file, choruses, allpass filters to …recording source again if phasing is baked into sound badly.