This list of Adobe alternatives needs Steinberg apps added, please help!

This chart has been a popular source of Adobe-free alternatives on social media and has been shared numerous times:

Link to GitHub issue:

What has always bugged me since it was first posted over 5 years ago: the lack of Cubase apps in the list. Are you a coder or a user with a Github account? Chime in and give this issue post a “+1”

Thanks so much!

My first reaction after reading this, “Huh,Adobe has a DAW?”

Adobe acquired Cool Edit Pro and renamed it Audition.

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Yes, I was an avid CoolEdit Pro user back when I still used Windows XP and Cubase 3.04 :stuck_out_tongue: It broke my heart when I learned Adobe had bought it. CoolEdit was such a great app and they ruined it

Cool Edit Pro is now Adobe Audition

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it worked! steinberg apps have been added to their list.

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