This makes me crazy ...

Say in Edit Mode I want to edit a note like in attachment ss1. So I say “Show Bottom Panel” and soon I cannot see the note anymore, see attachemet ss2. I find it very cumbersome to scroll back to the note in work.

BTW … the “Home” and “End” keys don’t work as they should: if I go to the last page with “End”, then I cannot go back one page with “Home”. Workaround: “STRG”+“End” does the job.

If I understand you correctly your pages are scrolling when you open the properties panel…? Are you in version 1.1…?

Yes and yes.

What zoom level are you working at? Are you working at ‘Whole page’ or ‘Two pages’ or similar?

I have the same problem UManhnken has, and I already had it in the previous version. Very disturbing when working. Not sure it is always like that, though. Problem is, when I found my notes back (like three or ten pages before), when I hit cmd-8 again, I am 3 or ten pages away before the notes I was working on…
This happens when I work in full page view, not galley view, whole page view.
Thanks for making me look for it, Daniel, for I will no longer use this view, until it is fixed !!!

Most time I am using whole page.

Thanks, Uwe and Marc. I can reproduce the problem and I’ll make sure it gets logged for us to look at when we get a chance.