This must be obvious (Cubase 12 Pro/Win 10)

I’ve been working exclusively with midi tracks for a couple of years now. Now I want to do a guitar track, something I’ve done 1000 times in the not too distant past. I plugged everything in the way I remembered but it wasn’t working, so I watched one of many basic how to tutorials: (
It still isn’t working. In the attached screenshot you can see my setup,

  1. I have a mono input defined as analog 3 on my Fireface UC
    2)I plugged my strat in there
    3)I created an audio track called slide with the input routing set to Mono in and the output to Out, my main stereo out. Monitoring is turned on
  2. Now can hear my guitar and the input can be seen on Mono in, but not on the the slide track or the output.
  3. The tuner plugin, an insert, is not seeing any signal, Nor is the amp sim I tried

I’m doing something dumb for sure. Somebody put me out of my misery!

Try expanding the Pre Tab. Your Mono In channel has something going on there.

Yeah, I applied some gain there as the level coming from the strat too lolw. Is this significant?

No, but without knowing what was in there it seemed like a possibility. The problem is probably somewhere in your routing. If you step through your signal path point-by-point you should find the culprit. If you open the Channel Settings Window it can show you sources & destinations.

Shouldn’t these be blue to indicate they are enabled - click on 'em.

Still stuck. The only thing different in my system since the last time I was recording audio is the Fireface and Mono in seems to be working you can see the signal there. It just doesn’t get routed to Slide even though the routing says it should be. One strange thing is that I am hearing the guitar. This is odd as you shouldn’t hear the input, right?.Attached is the fully expanded Channel settings for the Slide channel. Do you see anything there which might explain all this? Also what does the label at the top of the settings window that says Slide [mono->stereo] mean? Help me Obi Wan. This is in category of problems that shouldn’t be problems. I still think it must be obvious (to somebody)

Can you show what the options are for inputs to your Slide Track?
Click on the input and while still mousing over it hit Windows+Shift+S.

Check your TotalMix FX routing and the settings, this seems to be the source of your problem. You are hearing your guitar because you are monitoring in realtime on the UC but the output routing of the UC is not feeding a singal to the output channel of the UC. You can either handle it with the full-featured TotalMix FX (some find it cumbersome) or you change the operation mode of TotalMix FX to DAW mode which simply routes input to the corresponding output.

Biochip nailed it (Thanks for that) I was using Asio4All which I switched in because I was having pops and clicks with the fireface driver and since my tracks were midi it worked the same. When I switched to the RME driver my problem was solved

Once upon a time producers had engineers to take care of everything on the tech side. Now most of us wear both hats. There aren’t many people who are able to do both well. I am really a songwriter/musician and I tend to do the minimum job on the tech side so I can get back to the notes.

Dude you have the Monitor button enabled… Look no further :laughing: