This software is a nightmare

Hi all,
Hope someone can put me out of my misery.

I went to my local music store and asked the kid behind the counter for some way to plug my electric guitar into my PC in such a way that I could play guitar along to YouTube lessons. He sold me a Steinberg UR22 mk11 and said just install the software and away you go…Three days later, I’m about to give up due to the crazy level of complexity in the software, I can’t get a peep out of Cubase but can hear the guitar signal and PC sound through UR22 headphone output. The Steinberg Hub seems to demand that both mic and guitar are plugged in? Maybe what I want to do is impossible? Can someone please let me know if I’m wasting my time?

Win 10 MSI GE70 2PE Laptop UR22 connected by USB
Guitar connected to input 2 of UR22
Yamaha Drivers installed
Cubase AI 9.5.10 build 79


So what else do you need? Guitar Sound and PC Sound - Play guitar along youtube Video. What am I missing…?

The Steinberg Hub does not demand anything. Which Mic are we talking about - no mention of a Mic anywhere in your post.

No, you are not wasting your time if you are willing to learn a somewhat more complex software, that therefore offers some more possibilities.

I suggest you head to Steinbergs youtube page and look up the getting started videos. Cubase is a very powerful tool for recording, mixing and even mastering. You have the entry level version but it’s still pretty much all the same, just with less extras.

What you might of missed is… hit record. Cubase won’t play anything until you put something into it.

I have made some progress. It appears that Cubase will only listen to (or maybe get enough noise through) input 1 hence my comment about no sound (I was just getting clean guitar through the UR22) so I now have guitar sound via Cubase with effects, yay. Hitting record does nothing btw.

I have essentially got where I was going, in a frustrating and time-consuming way. Four days ago I did not know what a DAW was, now I know it is a huge and complex piece of software used by a lot of very confused people and a few smug bastards.

Good. The Getting started videos will assist you significantly.
In particular this one will show you how to hook up your UR and explains at 1:20 seconds that your guitar needs to be plugged into the HiZ socket Input 1 (and is quiet otherwise - it has to do with the way the audio electronics work and guitar pickups, its perfectly normal):

The advice given to you was to look at the very good tutorials - your chosen path and your attitude is what is causing your grief, and insulting everyone on the forum who may have given you help is going to add to your difficulty in getting assistance.
I have been a member of this community for sometime and the vast majority are very glad to offer their help and advice for little more than a thank you.

This playlist - of which the above video is a part, also contains a description of the UR Loopback function. This allows you to play your youtube video and record the audio into Cubase. You can then play the audio back from Cubase, speed up, slow down, change key. Useful for practice, amongst other things.

The Steinberg youtube channel contains a lot more tutorials, including examples of building up recordings. Not all features are available in the version of Cubase you have so some won’t be directly relevant to you.

I wish you well with your purchase, it will serve you well as you learn to use it.