This sounds stupid, but how do I get to the bottome handle..

Been on Cubase Mac for 21 years; Just moved to a Windows machine and I feel really stupid asking this, but I open an editor and I cant get to the bottom handle to resize the window. I know it can be done, but I can’t pull up this editor window high enough to get to the bottom handle to resize.

I don’t want to minimize, I understand click the square in the upper right corner next to the RED X, but I want to simple resize.

Was never this way in the Mac version as the dual monitors were just freely available, to wherever I wanted to drag the windows…not so on Windows, I have to expand the bottom palette window to get it to span both windows…So How do I resize?

Strange, but I can’t get it.


It sounds like the bottom bar or bottom right corner where you would grab to resize is off of the screen… Are there scroll bars on the side and/or bottom of the “parent” window that you can use? A screen shot may be really helpful here.

If I understand your description correctly, try moving your cursor over the top edge of the window where it should turn into a double arrow. Then drag down the top edge to make the window smaller. Then drag the window up normally until you see the bottom (repeat if needed). In Windows you can re-size a window from any visible edge or corner (unless the programmer decided they knew best and set the window to a fixed size, they deserve a special corner in hell).

I can’t grab and resize. I have clicked the top and tried to resize. I can resize width but I can’t get the bottom visible to resize by grabbing the corner.

I am at a loss. Im stuck.


It wasnt this hard on the mac to mange windows.

This really should not be difficult at all. If you continue to have a problem, you probably should post a screenshot so we can see what is happening.

I assume you have a situation that looks something like image 1 below (which is listed last :confused: ) where the bottom of your window is off the screen.

If you move your cursor to the top the pointer should change to a double arrow like in image 2. If it doesn’t, then you most likely have the very top edge of the window also off-screen. If that is the case just drag the whole window down a bit until the top edge of the window is visible on the screen.

Once you have the double arrow. just click and drag down like in image 3, which will re-size the windows height. Hopefully the height is now small enough that you can drag the entire window up and see it all. If the window height is still to big to display the entire window, drag the top edge down some more.
Window with top edged resized.jpg
Window with resizing cursor at top.jpg
Window bottom offscreen.jpg

  1. step outside box
  2. think

Try right-clicking a “blank” area of the Task Bar (at the bottom of your monitor), then left-clicking Cascade windows on the context menu…

The double arrow at the top of the window was the trick.

Having to have an entire window under all the Cubase windows is a little foreign to me on this Windows version. With the mac version, everything is just there and available. If the window that holds everything is not wide enough, things will be off screen. Different and takes some getting used to.


I was fascinated to see the useful advice offered by Draconis Systems.

That is a long term issue that folks rightfully complain about. It is more a problem of how Cubase is implemented on Windows than how Windows intrinsically behaves. I suspect it is old code that is too hard to remove without a total rewrite of their window handling. Hopefully now that they have rewritten the mixer (with I assume new window management code), they will update the rest of Cubase.

sounds like you haven’t discovered…‘always on top’

seriously if you right click and select this for your various windows then you can put them where ever you want.


We are pleased to have provided you with some form of fascination.

The real relation, the underlying theme.

Well, when I couldnt grasp this I decided to post here. It is definitely different than the Mac.

Thank you to those who helped me get it.