this time of year again...

Greetings Fellow Fiends,

do we still have to go through the whole plug-in bunch rescan
tonight in C6? any links to workarounds please…does disabling
the automatic adjustment thingy, work without any rescan?


Yep worked last time.
Just set the change manually.


Thank you Hippo

For some peculiar reason it didn’t work.
Both C5 & C6 decided to rescan everything…
i disabled the automatic adjustment for daylight saving changes
last night and today moved it manually an hour back. Then
opened Cubase and it did its thing as always :angry:
i’d like to know what i did wrong for the next time around

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :imp:

Never had any trouble with the rescan, but this year something weird happened. Cubase now think a plugin called S-Poly-Limiter is my Sonitus Gate plugin (Sonitus plugin is JBridged). Tried update and update plug-in information, but nothing helps. I’ve removed the S-Poly Limiter plugin, but when I load a project using the Sonitus plugin - it goes missing. The Sonitus gate can still be added as a new plugin. But then I’ve lost setting in the plugin … Any ideas?

Seems like the rescan of my plugins gave the Sonitus plugin a new classId. So a workaround for me was to export the plugin information to get both the new and missing classId of the plugin. Then I used a hexeditor to replace the old classId with the new classId. Don’t know if this is a JBridge or Cubase issue …

No rescan here in cubase or wavelab with windows 7 64, clock set manually, Internet time off, Notify me when the clock changes off.


Same here.

Is there a way that Cubase does NOT do that without messing with the time settings? Something to be fixed by Steinberg at last maybe?

This is a thing I’ve encountered with Cubase only. While I was waiting for plugins to scan yesterday, I made a little project in Logic 9…

But my question is WHY?

… a question I’ve been asking for years.

So I’ll ask it again.

WHY does Cubase have anything to do with a real-time clock?


Drives me mad! Takes ages and I always forget its going to happen.

Cubase is currently rescanning :mrgreen:
I was about to work a little bit but I can’t because the time has changed.

i moan loudly about this twice a year. on my old pc it took an hour or more to scan. but i built a new i7 based pc a few months ago. so the scan took 6 minutes this time. better but of course it shouldn’t happen in the first place. damn, you got me monologing you sly old devils!