This would be the easiest, most consistent way to create rhythmic hints above the staff!

Hey all,

I’m in the process of creating various lead sheets in the next few days, and would like to establish a workflow for these kinds of rhythmic hints/kicks above the staff:

What would be the easiest way to go about this? I’ve checked the forum quite a bit, but mostly ideas revolve around drum notation…
Also, I’ve toyed with a separate player with just these notes, and then cueing those into the lead sheet…

Thanks a bunch,

Have a look at this thread. There are suggestions from a number of people, including myself.

Well, after some experimentation, here’s my recipe:

  1. Create a new Player, assign generic “Treble Staff” instrument.
    1b. Enable Cues for Full Score layout (in case of simple leadsheet).
  2. Create a cue in the staff where you want the hints to appear, you can also have the cue span the entire flow!
  3. Create desired kicks in the special cue source staff. You can even change noteheads for a slash appearance and hide rests, and then choose rhythmic cue. Adjust distance from staff as needed.
  4. Hide or rename the Cue Label, if needed. Renaming must happen in the instrument dialog in setup mode.
  5. When done, uncheck special Cue Player from Layout.

One tiny request: It should be possible to select the cue by clicking on the cue notes, since it’s difficult to get the cue selected when the label is hidden…
EDIT: Removing the label will show a signpost, so that will work…

Hope this helps someone,