this'll change everything 14 nov

Don,t no if it,s soft or hardware related question. This is a really big statement.

On this page you can see a foto what steinberg posted on there website:

this you can also see on the steinberg site:

There are a few things that come to mind when seeing this:
It,s probably something that,s will be a game changer or something that will intergrade the iphone and ipad more into desktop realm. Can,t make this statement by it just being a app for the iphone or ipad.

1.Cubase 7.5 with a supporting app for the iphone (to control the software from your iphone).
2.Groove agent 4 with a supporting app for the iphone (to control the software from your iphone).
3.New hardware with a supporting app for the iphone.

Considering Apple is losing market share fast to Android and now to Windows 8.1, it would be utterly stupid for Steinberg to push yet another useless trick for idevices.

It must be something else. I hope it’s a decent control surface, like all the CMC’s in a single unit.

Smartphone control surface? Maybe Cubase OSC support?

The foto shows the upper part of a iphone. It,s got to be something with hard or software in combination with the iphone or ipad or Cubasis 2.0…

I bought Cubase iCPro when it came out and it’s never worked. :confused:

I’ve used iCPro for almost a year when tracking myself. Works great! It’ll even move the faders on my Nucleus, which is neat.

Jeez Steinberg, way to let Apple do your thinking for you…(consider what Logic Pro X did with the iPad). That would be pretty low for a company like Steinberg.

Does everyone have to open his own thread about it, and that throughout several forums…? :unamused: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

That is true, I didn’t notice that before. Maybe it’s something that will replace iCPro, and that would explain why they have been silent on the supposedly upcoming Android version. The new product will likely be available for both platforms, and if Steinberg are smart, for Windows too.

Never had it connect once despite following the videos and tutorials. Hope they’ve fixed it if it’s being rolled out as the next big thing.

Well it looks as if steinberg promoting IOS for music tasks at their Facebook Page,
also the UR sound card connectivity to iPad is here now, so probably its gonna be an IOS “change everything” thing !

How about less STUFF more core features and performance improvements for existing products.

That’ll change nothing…

At least for me. I don’t use any Apple devices/software in my setup. If it is Apple centric hopefully there will be something else with it that supports other OS’s and devices. I would really like to have a light version of Cubase or HALion that could run on an Android tablet.

If it is supposed to change “everything” one would think Steinberg is referring to something a little more general than a specific platform event or app. Perhaps they are introducing a new fresh protocol, e.g. like mLAN or equivalent, since VST2 development has ended, that’ll marry VST3, MIDI, Audio, Video, Cubase, HALion and hardware, etc. together? :wink: Of course, it could be more specific… maybe Cubasis for Windows 8, or it may just be Cubase 7.5 or HALion 6? :smiley:

Hmmm… what they think would change everything is possibly very different than what we would consider as such.

USB eLicenser alterations? An optional online eLicenser, multiple instances across two or more concurrent computers? Steinberg software for rent? A new instrument or another awesome synthesis engine perhaps? The Crusade Revisited, the choral plugin? Direct audio feed into NSA servers?

Hype sounds very good, and it could be anything, but I sincerely do hope that everything changes on November 14…

…if it’s BETTER for US!

How about inputs (i.e. as side chaining for VST effects) for VST instruments?

My guess. Support for new osx and windows 8 features. Multitouch and retina.

This is probably true - and so IRRELEVANT to me, I will yawn so hard on the 14th… :laughing:

“This’ll change everything.”

Hahaha. What a joke. Just another “app”, as if there aren’t enough “apps” already. :laughing:

you just have to read the message properly:

“This changes everything.”

for me this sounds like it is a controller that can “change values inside cubase” - then the iphone pic. maybe a software to control Cubase. LIke a frontend for musicians they sit in the cabin with their phone - and have some more or less limited control over the daw (volume panning…)

The majority of Cubase users does not have any iProducts at all, so it won’t change anything for the majority of the users, if it’s “iOnly”…

But I’m happy for those who can use it. :slight_smile:

maybe it’s a new controller to give the NI machine studio a run for it’s money and the photo of quarter of an Icrap is just to through you off the trail till the 14th

Yes, that would be great.

But I guess it will be i*.* only again. :frowning: