Thomann Cubase 11 upgrade AI to Pro

Hello! I have a question regarding upgrade from Cubase AI to Pro which can be found on website. The price (240€ ) is lower then on Strindberg site. I have couple of Yamaha keyboards MOX and MODX. Each included free Cubase AI. I installed the first one - Cubase 6.5 AI - on PC #1. Second one - Cubase 9.5 AI - I installed on PC #2. I also managed to upgrade Cubase 9.5 AI to Elements and move the license to MacBook Pro. Now does the upgrade plan offered on website (AI to Pro) apply in my situation? I tried moving Cubase 6.5 AI from PC #1 to MacBook Pro but there was an error “elicenser deprecared”. So in theory I should be eligible for an upgrade (on they mention that Cubase AI with versions above 6 are eligible). But in practice I don’t know how to do it. Can somebody clarify this?

It looks like the one on Thomann should work fine and much cheaper than SB direct.
At that price it’s cheaper to buy a SB hardware interface with a ‘free’ AI licence and do the upgrade than buy the full version from SB - means you get a free interface…


Are you licences registered in MySteinberg ? you will also need a hardware USB elicencer (dongle)

(edit) - unless that is the boxed version that ‘might’ ship with a dongle…not clear on the website

I got eLicernser on PC#1 and PC#2 registed on mySteinberg. But I can’t register eLicenser on MacBook Pro, there is an error “This eLicenser is deprecated”. It is the latest version ( and cubase Elements stars without a problem.

Unfortunately your suggestion didn’t work. I am on the latest version, I did maintenance, there is no red font in the eLicenser. But there is still an error registering this eLicenser - “This eLicenser is deprecated”. To be clear this eLicenser is not listed in mySteinberg website.

I’m not sure you fully tried ‘my suggestion’ ?

that page says:

In case the Soft-eLicenser stays deactivated, please contact us using the support form within your MySteinberg account. Please name the number of the affected Soft-eLicenser and, if possible, attach screenshots showing the eLicenser Control Center window.

did you do that ?

maybe that licence has been moved to another computer ? or has been used to upgrade to another version.