Thought experiment: The future for Cubase, music creators, and the paradigm shift

@RichardTownsend Only a very few bugs are triggered by something external to Cubase, mainly compatibility issues from hardware and devices.

This long list of bugs only contains bugs that come from Cubase itself, regardless of the OS, and many of them can make Cubase become unstable and ultimately crash if you go too hard on it.

For instance I’ve been working on a project lately that contains just a few audio tracks, and as I was doing some very basic editing Cubase suddenly crashed for absolutely no reason.
None of the programs I have on my computer exhibit this wonky behavior except Cubase.
You can work on a heavy project for days without any crash, and then you start a new project and it randomly crashes within the next two hours. Yes, it’s that random. Even when you avoid triggering one of the known bugs, it will either freeze or crash at the most unexpected moment, you just don’t know when.

That said, when it works, it works great!