Thoughts about included Cubase 7 Channel Strip?

Thoughts about included Cubase 7 Channel Strip?

I feel many elements are excellent. What I especially like is the Cubase 7- EQ, , SPL transient designer, The Noise-gate and The Vintage compressor.

I like to hear what you think?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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Cubase does not have an SPL transient designer…

I use the vintage compressor a lot. very quick, does the job. the gate is a bit brutal. needs a range control. transient is sometimes useful. and the eq too. do we need it all to take up so much space with those “vintage” knobs that don’t match the futuristic mixer gui? talk amongst yerselves! ed

i really like cubase’s transient designer; i prefer it to the sound of the sonnox transienter (too woody) as well as the SPL (which i like for removing the transients only). it’s probably my favourite native cubase plugin alongside the age old reverb (that they had licensed from someone else i think).