Thoughts about new 10.2 video rendering options

So happens I’ve had quite a lot of use for this just recently, with multiple mixes /stems for animation to be used in a forthcoming live performance in London as well as for Vimeo /YouTube promotional versions etc. Video mix versions have been going back and forth over the web to the composer.

Obviously the video export options are quite limited for now and are fixed at 1080p, MP4, 191kps aac. And that’s a fine start I’d say. In general I’ve had zero technical issues with this (over many bounces) - it provides exactly what it says. However, suggestions and comments would now be:

  1. The video component of the rendering speed is quite slow & performance monitoring indicates that this process only uses a maximum of 28% on the GPU. In this case on an Nvidia RTX 2080Ti, the performance should be much better than this (as per rendering tasks on DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro). Up to date Nvidia Studio Drivers installed of course. So, would seem that Nuendo’s video rendering needs to be far better optimised in this respect.

  2. I appreciate the limitations of the current video export options in terms of stability etc - Steinberg seem to have done a very good job here as a first release of this feature. However, I would suggest adding the following as soon as practical; needs just a little degree of user customisation for the output format, In my view, mostly in terms of audio for now. That includes:

  • 256kps acc if going that route; this is my usual go-to for MP4 music content (as per Mastered for iTunes spec); perhaps the lower 128kbps as well.

  • .WAV audio, unprocessed, and that will need something like a .mov wrapper. In this last round of critical comments from the composer mentioned above, the aac has got in the way a little; that has been rectified by mastering .wavs and exporting back to Resolve for .mov rendering.

  • The H264 codec (for .mov or .mp4) seems fine to me for now and perhaps this also usefully avoids compatibility issues re. ProRes vs DNxHD codecs.

My 2 cents anyways.